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Being free in nature lets you feel free in life. Whether you are a thrill seeker or just wanting to find out your own personal limits.

Learning about yourself or the group of friends or family you are with, while immersing yourself in unspoilt pristine nature at its finest can open your eyes up to an entire new world of motivation and success. Overcoming your fears in a safe controlled environment enables you to deal with challenges head on. 

The Frixion Systems and Procedures go above normal safety standards ensuring the safety of every visitor. Educating people about the environment is a huge passion of Devin (Frixion Owner and Operator) as well as gaining and sharing knowledge, which forms a big part of the trip.  

We control our numbers to tie in with the Frixion Adventures Environmental Impact Plan. Looking after the canyon is one of the primary goals during a trip. We leave absolutely no trace of any matter and barely leave footprints.

Frixion Adventures is based in Cape Town where we spend the majority of the summer months. Winter takes us away to the Eastern side of our country where we do expeditions and adventure holidays. We plan on growing our products and eventually having the only overnight Canyoning Adventure in Cape Town.

Frixion Adventures make use of South African as well as International Guides to run the trips and ensure the Frixion standards are on a World Class Level.

Come to The Canyon and Find Yourself!

Come to The Canyon!!

Overcoming your fears in a safe controlled environment enables you to deal with challenges head on.

Families often get caught up in everyday life. Mother nature lets you reconnect with the people you care for the most. Having fun as a family can sometimes bring you closer together again. Forge bonds and friendships while encouraging others to test themselves.

Being forced to help each other scrambling down a wet mossy ravine promotes personal, team and group development.

Come into the Canyon, explore your own life, live your life and have a rocking time!

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What our Clients say

Great experienced team and beautiful location...nothing like a challenge to feel alive.

Nicolette Burgess

Nice and uncomplicated communication. Although the weather conditions were a little bit rough, we had a very cool and unique adventure! We always felt safe, secured and comfortable! Cheers to Angela and Devin 😎

Sara Kunath

The guides are absolutely fantastic with children and put their safety first at all times. Our boy had the best day ever! Thanks guys especially Jessica and Devin!

Lara Kirsten

Exclusive trip full of adventure and absolutely great guides.

Darius Stanbridge

Amazing. Amazing. Amazing. The trip was great. Definitely scary, but if I can do it...anyone can!

Kristina Byrne

Best Canyoning Trip in Cape Town!

Brad Richardson

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