Suicide Gorge


Suicide Gorge

What to Expect

This trip is not for the faint hearted. If you looking for thrills and adrenalin then this is for you. We hike for 2 hours to reach the start of Suicide Gorge. The next 2 hours we slide, scramble and jump our way down the breathtaking gorge. There are compulsory jumps of 14m which have to be completed to get through the day, so make sure you have some experience with cliff jumps before taking on this beast. After the Gorge we hike back another 10kms to the carpark to celebrate with some refreshingly cold drinks.

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Trip Description

Extremely Tough

  • The day starts with meeting at the entrance to the Hottentots Nature Reservation just outside of Grabouw at 07h30 where everyone signs in to Cape Nature Conservation reservations book.
  • We set up a light breakfast and lunch provisions in the car park where you can tuck into and prep your food for the day. At the same time wetsuits are allocated that people need to fit and then pack into the day bags for the hike in. Once all food and equipment is packed away and everyone is suitably dressed for the hike we depart for the gorge. This normally happens before 09h00. 
  • We head off for a beautiful 2 hour hike that takes us through the reserve to the start of the gorge. Once at the gorge we change into wetsuits and pack dry clothing into the dry bags for the day. A safety briefing is given by the lead guide.
  • With a slide and some smaller jumps to start the kloofing everyone is introduced to the cold water temperature and general environment. Following the smaller jumps a beautiful large pool is reached that has a variety of jump platforms. All clients are required to do the highest jump (±12m) at this pool in preparation for the bigger jumps that are to come. This is also a good place for lunch.
  • With a few scrambles and small jumps the big jumps (12m & 14m) are reached and there is no turning back. 
  • The final walk out of the gorge after the last jump can still be tricky with a few challenging areas to be navigated. Once back at the foot path and out of the water everyone can change out of wetsuits for the hike back. The first part of the hike is a steep climb out of the gorge. Thereafter it is a relatively comfortable 1½ hours walk back to the car park.
  • The general time to be back at the cars is between 16h00 and 17h00. A cold beverage is provided along with a light snack. All equipment is sorted and packed and departure is shortly thereafter.

Please note that this trip is not for the faint hearted and in order to qualify to be guided we have the following three requirements:

    1. All participants must be over 18 years old
    2. All participants must be fit enough to do an 18km mountain hike
    3. All participants must have some past cliff jumping experience

Suicide Gorge Adventure Price starting at R1650,00

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