The Waterfall Hike

The Waterfall Hike

What to Expect

The Waterfall Hike is designed for anyone who wants to immerse themselves in nature but might not want to get too extreme.

We navigate down a simple mossy sloping canyon exploring the wilderness and taking in the intoxicating flora that is so fresh you can taste it in the air.

It's a great trip if you want to experience the majesty of the canyon without the pressure of abseiling or jumping off cliffs.

Hours spent in the Canyon
Highest Abseil
Highest Jump
Not Compulsory

Trip Description

Very Easy


  • The day starts at 09h00 at the top of the mountain; there is a tarred road on the private property that gives us easy access. 


  • We take and easy walk for about 10 minutes to the start of the canyon. The rest of the day is spent hiking down the river, exploring beautiful rock pools and gorgeous channels.


  • There is plenty of time to swim and even jump off some cliffs if you desire. Great opportunities for taking nature pictures and being in pristine nature. Its privately owned land so there is no chance of seeing anyone else, its pure nature. The water flows all year round and you can drink straight from the river as the source is 1km above the start!!


  • No experience needed, but you need to be able to hike and do a very small amount of basic scrambling. Devin, Frixion owners, parents enjoyed the amazing Canyoning Hike experience at the Young age of 70, proving you are never to old to have a great time and explore the Canyon.


The general time for being back at the vehicles is around 14h00 and people can thus expect to be back in Cape Town by 16h30. (The time of each trip is dependent on the number of people, weather conditions and individual ability) Return times can only be estimated.

Waterfall Hike Prices starting at R1050,00

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