The Eye


The Eye

What to Expect

Join us in a privately owned canyon at the top of Du Toits Kloof Pass, just 1 hours drive from Cape Town.

Abseil down 2 magical waterfalls and slide off the rope into one of the deep rock pools. We spend the remainder of the day slacklining over the water and cliff jumping. The cliff jumps start at just 2m high and progress up until the top jump of 14m.

The river has created a natural eye shaped rock pool. It has tall walls of moss beside the waterfall which fills its belly.

This is a great place for the younger kids and old kids to explore their wild sides. Here we have our picnic lunch, soak up the sun and gradually make our way back up to the car park.

We often seem to come across a coolerbox containing ice cold golden treasure!!!

Hours spent in the Canyon
Highest Abseil
Highest Jump

The Eye Canyon - Trip Description

Medium to Extreme Difficulty - Nothing is Mandatory


  • The day starts at 09h00 at the top of the mountain; there is a tarred road on the private property that gives us easy access. Everyone changes into their wet gear as well as fitting helmets and harnesses. There is a short 15 minute walk of about 400m that we then take to get down to the waterfalls where we will spend the day.


  • There are 2 beautiful waterfalls for us to enjoy. The first waterfall is a 24 meter abseil that we descend next to the water and land in a pool that is approximately waist deep. About 100 meters from this pool is the second waterfall which is a 9m meter abseil that you descend in the direct flow of the waterfall and swim out of the pool at the bottom.


  • We then spend the rest of our time at the second waterfall doing optional cliff jumps ranging from 2m, 3m, 6m, 10m, 12m, 14m and 14m, swimming and having lunch. 


  • It is possible to get to the bottom of both waterfalls without having to do the abseiling or jumping thus making it possible for the entire group to stay together for the day. 


  • During the summer months the water temperature is around 18°celsius and there is lots of sunshine in the gorge where you can easily warm up. 


  • The general time for then leaving the waterfalls is around 14h00 with a 30 minute walk back up to the vehicles. We then unpack the bags, change into dry clothes and have a cold beverage to celebrate the day.  

The Eye Adventure Prices Starting at R1350,00

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