Taste of Africa

Mild Difficulty Rating: 2 Wild

Teams� competing against each other in the hunt for culinary excellence, challenged by activities, having fun and finally enjoying a banquet of food fit for a nation of kings. This is the essence of the Frixion Taste of Africa. A fun, challenging day event to be enjoyed by all participants! This event can be hosted just about anywhere, with the activities being determined by the nature of the venue.

Possible activities

Paddling, Water Retrieval, Mind Puzzles, Leap of Faith, Stampede, Treasure Hunt, High Ropes, Raft Building, Mine Field, Quad Bikes, Bungi Crawl, Stilt Walking, Abseil, Low Ropes, Electronic Rodeo Bull, Abseil, Lucky Dipper, Laser Skeet Shooting, Climbing Wall, Stilt Walking, Suspended mazes, Kite Building, Cooking contest.


Teams compete in a series of activities that are strategically spread out around the camp, at the start of the race a full briefing is done and all questions are answered. All teams start out together on the first activity, on completion there of they choose which of the 8 African countries they wish to represent as they make their way through the hunt and ultimately cook for at the end of the day.
On completion of an activity the team is scored on their performance and they are handed a culinary requirement pertaining to their country of adoption along with a clue card that prompts them to find their next activity. A number of activities are labelled as �Stumbling Blocks� in which only one team member participates, all of the others require full team participation. Along the route the teams interact with each other as they compete in the activities. Teams are scored on how well they complete an activity and not on whom finishes first, the emphasis is thus placed on the enjoyment and successful completion of activities.
Dinner is prepared by each team over hot fires and gas cookers at the end of the day. Each team is allocated a portion of the serving table to decorate with materials gathered during the day and the final judging is done on culinary skill and table decoration.


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