Fantastic Race

Mild Difficulty Rating: 2 Wild

Revisit the beauty of the Southern Peninsular coast as you race through the historical towns of Kalk Bay and Simonstown. With activities for everyone from the faint hearted to the thrill seeker, this day of fun is an ideal day out of the office. A day out spent hopping from beach to beach, soaking up the beauty of False Bay, visiting museums and having fun in the sun while all worries get left behind cannot be better than this.

Possible activities

Paddling, Water Retrieval, Mind Puzzles, Golf, Treasure Hunt, Boulders Penguin Colony, Baboon Matters, Pistol Shooting, Surfing, Bungi Crawl, Frog Derby, Simonstown Naval Museum, Jet Boat Ride, Electronic Rodeo Bull, Lucky Dipper, Laser Skeet Shooting.


The race takes place between Muizenberg and Millers Point (3 km�s outside of Simonstown) and can be adjusted in distance covered to suite the clients time frame, anywhere from a half day to a full day with a late night party.

Teams compete in a series of activities that are strategically spread out between Muizenberg and Miller�s Point. A full briefing is done and race packs are handed out � including train timetables, maps, and emergency procedures. Each team is also given a cash allowance at the beginning of the race, to be used for transportation and the completion of certain activities. The various modes of transport used and provided include trains, walking, running, shuttles and boat rides.

All teams start out together and as the event runs its course they get to interact with different teams at the various activities. Each team is scored on how well they have done on an activity. After completion they receive the next clue card that will lead them to their next activity. A number of the more demanding activities are labelled as �stumbling blocks� in which only one team member participates, the rest of the activities require full team participation. As the teams are scored on their performance at the activities, the emphasis is placed on the enjoyment and successful completion of the activities and not on the speed with which things are done.


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