Silvermine adventure race

Mild Difficulty Rating: 2 Wild

Set in the beautiful Silvermine Nature Reserve in the heart of Cape Town, you wouldn�t be able to get closer to nature without having to leave town. The delights of Fynbos and the view over False Bay only add to the adventure and fun to be had along the way. Silvermine offers a host over activities at a level that is attainable to all. With a network of well maintained pathways the time spent moving from activity to activity it is as easy as a walk in the park.

Possible Activities

Paddling, Water Retrieval, Mind Puzzles, Rock Climb, Cargo net climb, Stilt Walking, Abseil, Orienteering, Mountain Biking.


Groups are divided into teams that compete in a series of activities strategically placed around the reserve. A full race briefing is presented and race packs handed out � these include maps, compass, first aid & emergency procedures. All teams start out together and as the event runs its course they get to interact with each other at the various activities. In the true spirit of adventure racing, the whole team will need to move through the activity check points together and teams can be penalised if otherwise. After completion of the activity they are free to move onto the next destination on their map. As the teams are scored on their performance at the activities and not on who finishes the day first, the emphasis is placed on the enjoyment and successful completion of the activities.


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